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Coaching for me is the happy result of a
great deal of personal development and
actively managing change in my own life,
as well as the insight I have gained from
over 20 years of working with others in
achieving their personal goals.
I began coaching early in my career as
a teacher and facilitator, especially with
adult students and corporate clients in
various areas of professional self-
development and career planning. When
I accepted a senior management position
with a private adult college, I had the opportunity to coach thousands of students
and their families in making career choices; and later as a college principal and the
Vice-President of KeyCorp Inc., I was able to coach and mentor new college
administrators and their staff.
As the former Director of the International Association of Coaches' Professional
Ethics and Review Committee (PERC), I believe it is important to form an open and
trusting partnership with each and every client. As a coach, my strengths are in my
ability to truly listen, to trust my intuition for what is spoken as well as unspoken,
and my strategic approach to managing change. I know from experience the
personal power, the self-confidence and the energy gained when a person knows
someone is in their corner, someone who is objective and committed to helping
them realize their dreams.
As Max Dupree once said, "We cannot become what we need to be, remaining what
we are". The gift you give yourself is that of a coach who can work with you to
become all you know you can and want to be.
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