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For over two decades, I have dedicated my

career to working with thousands of adults as
a teacher, a counselor, a college principal, a
business consultant and a coach. In the process,
I have gained real insight into the choices,
decisions and challenges people face when
making those all important career decisions.
Whether your desire is to...

• Have a resume and professional portfolio developed

• Launch a new career plan for a gradual career change
• Or enhance your current career
the key is to develop a customized action plan that's right for you.
Is Career Coaching right for you? Take the test below and find out!
Using this rating scale, read each of the following statements and choose the rating
that best reflects the extent to which you agree or disagree.
Rating Scale
5 = Strongly Agree
4 = Mostly Agree
3 = Neither Agree nor Disagree
2 = Mostly Disagree
1 = Strongly Disagree
1. I am ready to discover and live my life's purpose.
2. I am ready to have a satisfying and rewarding career.
3. I am ready to create more balance in my life.
4. I am ready to interview for a job or ask for a promotion/raise.
5. I need a portfolio that best reflects my skills and experience.
6. I need a plan that optimizes my career growth over time.
7. I am ready to make real and positive change in my life.
8. I am willing to challenge my self-limiting beliefs & behaviours.
9. I am ready to create plans and to take action to achieve my goals.
10. I can benefit from someone who will help me stay on track.
What does your score mean for you?
Under 15: Career Coaching is not the best fit for you right now.
16-30: Career Coaching could help you to look at your life from a different
perspective and help you to develop a plan to bring about the change you desire.
However, if you decide to work with a Career Coach now, you need to be sure you're
ready to make a real commitment to taking the necessary action for your benefit, or
you will not make lasting life-changing improvements.
Over 30: Congratulations! You are ready for a Career Coach! You are willing to take
the action required to create the life you desire and deserve. Why not contact me
today to arrange your career coaching session. This one click could change your life
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